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Interview with Clinerion: Health Outcomes in Clinical Trials

Clinerion is a company offering real-world data insights from their global hospital network covering over 36 million patients in almost 20 countries, online and refreshed …

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Integrated CDMO Growth Will Lead to Patients Seeing Record Number of Drugs Making it to Market

It’s undoubtedly a very interesting time for the global CRO industry. This is particularly true for CROs with locations across the world who have been …

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clinical trials

In-Home Services: A Patient-Centric Approach to Improving Recruitment and Retention in Clinical Trials

Advances in wearables, telemedicine, and remote monitoring technology along with the convenience of in-home visits were bound to make decentralised and hybrid clinical trials standard …

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behavioural therapy

Deep Brain Stimulation Could Address Suicide Risk in Individuals Resistant to Treatment

Pharmaceutical and behavioural therapy treatments have successfully helped many patients manage symptoms of mental health conditions, such as major depressive disorder (MDD), posttraumatic stress disorder …

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clinical trials

Clinical Trials – Somewhere Between Tradition and Digital Modernity – A Wakeup Call

In the minds of young companies from the pharmaceutical or medical device sector, clinical trials lie somewhere in the future and are at best perceived …

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The Future of Healthcare Ecosystems: The Real-World Impact of IDMP

A lot of lip service has been paid by the IDMP software industry to the potential of data-driven processes beyond regulatory compliance. But the opportunities …

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A Guide for Establishing and Governing Data Collection Standards

Many data management teams report that their standards initiatives have stalled or failed because executives aren’t bought-in, standards are over-proliferated, or they are stuffed with …

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data collection

Unlocking the Business Benefits of Text Mining in Regulatory Operations

As IDMP implementation advances in Europe, data is becoming a key asset for the life sciences industry. Currently, pharma companies are focusing on the heavy …

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Medical Writing – Benefit of Good Medical Writing

Knowledge is vital at every stage of a medicine’s lifecycle – from that first glint in the scientist’s eye at their origin to the delivery …

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Volume 13 Issue 6

Anticipating a Renaissance in Neuroscience Drug Development

Ten years ago, our team published a commentary on what assuredly appeared to be the “Death of CNS Drug Development: Overstatement or Omen” after several …

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