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Bristol Myers Squibb’s Opdivo posts another win in early lung cancer, but debate over treatment approach likely remains

Bristol Myers Squibb has expanded Opdivo’s first-in-class win in pre-surgery non-small cell lung cancer, teeing up a potential FDA filing. Opdivo added to chemotherapy before …

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Bristol Myers Squibb, after passing on Acceleron, now eyes Aurinia takeout: Bloomberg

It wasn’t long ago that Bristol Myers Squibb ran the numbers on potentially buying Acceleron Pharma, but that deal didn’t come together, and the biotech …

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CEOs of AbbVie, BMS, Lilly, GSK and more raise concerns about Washington’s intensifying drug-pricing push

As officials in Washington weigh contentious drug-pricing measures, there’s even more evidence that pharma companies are worried about potential reform. In an open letter to …

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