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Biohaven taps Pfizer for global Nurtec push in deal worth up to $1.24B

Since scoring an FDA approval earlier this year to both treat and prevent migraine, Biohaven’s Nurtec ODT has jumped out ahead of Big Pharma rival …

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Biohaven’s Nurtec, with dual migraine approvals, hits $136M in quarterly sales and leads the pack in market share

Biohaven’s migraine drug Nurtec ODT has been on a roll since becoming the first medicine to win a dual FDA approval to both treat and …

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Biohaven points up Nurtec dual-migraine approval with growing stable of celebrity users

Biohaven Pharmaceuticals is flexing its migraine share leapfrog over powerhouse AbbVie—thanks to Nurtec ODT’s dual acute-plus-prevention nod and an aggressive digital-first strategy. Digital ads across …

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