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Worldwide Clinical Trials Selects goBalto Platform for Study Startup

The leading provider of cloud-based clinical study startup solutions, announced today that Worldwide Clinical Trials (Worldwide) has chosen goBalto‘s end-to-end platform for starting clinical trials.
 Worldwide is a global, full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) offering Bioanalytical Lab, and Phase I-IIA, Phase IIB-III, Phase IIIB-IV and Real-World Evidence clinical trial services. As part of the company’s quest to improve value in pharmaceutical sponsor-CRO partnerships, Worldwide has invested in delivering an uncommon combination of emerging- to mid-size-sponsor focus, therapeutic-area expertise in central nervous system, cardiovascular, metabolic, immune mediated inflammatory disorders, oncology and rare disease research and innovation to improve trial efficiency and effectiveness.
The company’s investment in the innovative goBalto platform targets study startup, one of the most inefficient cycles currently facing clinical development operations. For many, the total end-to-end process from site identification through to site initiation has not changed in 10 years, taking nearly 7 months (31 weeks) on average, according to an industry survey report. Time savings in study startup have been reported by 80% of survey respondents who have invested in start-up technologies, like the goBalto platform, according to the START (Start-up Time And Readiness Tracking) II report.
“Worldwide is investing in a combination of therapeutic area expertise, rigorous operations and proactive insight to revolutionize sponsor-CRO collaboration and increase the value we bring to small, emerging, and mid-size pharmaceutical and biotech companies,” said Peter Benton, President and Chief Operating Officer, Worldwide. “goBalto‘s end-to-end study startup solution stood out for the opportunity it provides us to eliminate traditional bottlenecks in the flow of clinical data, which can impact study quality and lead to unnecessary delays.”
“The process of initiating clinical trials is unwieldy, challenging, and often behind schedule, making study startup one of the poorest performing aspects of clinical trials,” said Jae Chung, goBalto‘s President and Founder. “Worldwide is at the vanguard of change by focusing on study startup, the only part of a study’s lifecycle which can significantly impact the overall timeline of clinical trial conduct. This focus leads to shortened timelines and reduced costs, all in an effort to speed sought-after therapies to patients across the globe.”
goBalto‘s workflow-driven Select and Activate, along with Analyze, a data analytics platform – optimize the many study startup steps, providing real-time insights into study status, a vast improvement from the manual, time-consuming methods still predominantly used across the industry.
goBalto Select goes beyond simple aggregation of site data, providing a data-driven approach to weighing selection and performance variables to aid in the identification of sites and target populations ideally suited to studies.
Metrics are critical to efforts to rein in studies that are either poorly initiated or have incurred unforeseen events, which place the original timelines and/or budgets at risk of overages. Metrics provide the foundation for business intelligence, affording clinical research teams an opportunity to intervene before the effects of risk have been incurred.