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Velabs to develop novel immune-based therapy for obesity

Announces strategic partnership with alytas therapeutics

Velabs Therapeutics GmbH (Velabs), a biotech company focused on the rapid screening of functional therapeutic antibodies,  announces that it has entered into a partnership agreement with alytas therapeutics GmbH (alytas), to jointly develop modulatory and functional antibodies for a novel immune-based therapy against obesity.

The collaboration will leverage Velabs’ proprietary microfluidic-based technology for rapid functional antibody screening. Velabs will be entitled to royalties from the worldwide sales of products that result from the collaboration.

Velabs Therapeutics is a pioneer in microfluidic technology for the screening of antibodies with modulatory function on complex signalling proteins. Its proprietary high-throughput screening platform makes it possible to test millions of correctly paired, fully natural human and mouse IgGs for therapeutic effects. Results are achieved in only a fraction of the time required by other technologies. The Company offers customized screening services for users worldwide. In addition to the execution of service projects, Velabs is currently building its own pipeline of therapeutic antibody candidates for further joint development with pharmaceutical partners.

Alytas specializes in the research of fat metabolism in connection with obesity and has identified and validated target genes for the development of a novel immune-based obesity treatment. Its program is based on a number of proprietary protein epitopes with high relevance for the immunological regulation of excess adipocytes and has already been conceptually confirmed in vitro and in vivo.

Velabs Therapeutics, financed by Swiss-based Xlife Sciences Ltd., is a spin-off company launched by Europe’s most renowned institute for life sciences research, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and its technology transfer arm EMBLEM Technology Transfer (EMBLEM).