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Trivitron Healthcare launches fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer

Affordable and Accessible Diagnostic solutions for today and tomorrow

Trivitron Healthcare, the ace Indian health technology organization, takes another leap in providing cost-effective diagnostic solutions with the launch of super-efficient clinical chemistry analyzer – ‘Nanolab 200’ and 5 part differential hematology analyzer with retic – ‘Cellenium 5D Retic’. With an aim to provide ‘Affordable Diagnostic Solutions for Today and Tomorrow’, Trivitron is committed to provide best in class diagnostic products .

Nanolab 200 is a fully automated, compact benchtop clinical chemistry analyzer with a throughput of 200 tests per hour. The system includes multi-functional sample and reagent probe with collision protection and liquid level detection technology. Trivitron’s Nanolab 200 has a Teflon coated mixing arm with variable speed control options. Also, the system comes equipped with an inbuilt laundry customized for minimal water consumption making it most suitable technology.

Trivitron Healthcare’s another offering, Cellenium 5D retic, is an advanced 5 part differential hematology analyzer with reticulocyte count technology and has a throughput of 60 samples per hour. The highly sophisticated instrument offers a wide range of hematological analysis including reticulocyte count and various other hematological research parameters. Cellenium 5D retic guarantees accurate and reliable differential count results, as it comes with a double WBC counting mode and laser light multi-dimensional classification system with resistant RBC mode. Additionally, the system is designed to facilitate ease of operation as it includes large touch screen display unit.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Nitin Sawant, President – IVD, states – “Trivitron Healthcare has been pioneer in providing advanced healthcare technologies at affordable costs. Each of Trivitron’s product offerings are at par with international regulations. Nanolab 200 and Cellenium 5D Retic are highly efficient, user friendly and compact in design which makes them ideal technologies for  laboratories.” Trivitron’s diagnostics portfolio include a wide range of products – Newborn Screening Solutions, Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Point of Care, Rapid cards, Immunology, Clinical Electrophoresis, Histopathology, Liquid based Cytology, Digital Pathology, Molecular Diagnostics and Analytical Instruments.