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Therapeutic Vaccine Development

Biological medicine has saved the lives of millions around the world and has prevented morbidity and mortality by developing vaccines for human use. A number of prophylactic vaccines represent a promising approach in this context. However, with an increase in number of diseases, and other less common infections that are endemic around the world, there is a growing need for the development of safer and more potent vaccines. Scientists have figured out that it is possible to rev up the immune system on command, and to give the body’s own natural defences an extra surge of power to attack and fight diseases. Dr Sameer S. Parekh, BHMS, MBA, CCRP, clinical trial manager and Sunil D. Shewale, B. Pharm, PGDCTM, MBA, M. Pharm (QAT), executive research officer at Serum Institute of India Ltd, submit a white paper on therapeutic vaccine development.