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Taking Mass Calibration to New Limits: The New XPR6U Ultra-Microcomparator

Faster stabilization and improved performance delivers a unique mass calibration capability – thanks to the innovative Active Temperature Control (ATC™) technology, weighing performance is improved by 25%. Dedicated software provided free of charge with the new comparator and active quality assurance features ensure efficient, reliable, and secure mass comparison.

Greifensee, Switzerland—February 20th, 2017—METTLER TOLEDO’s newly launched XPR6U ultra-microcomparator balance comes with the MC Link mass calibration software as standard to deliver highly accurate and secure mass calibration. The new XPR6U ultra-microcomparator offers a groundbreaking readability of 0.1 µg coupled with fast stabilization time and improved repeatability, thanks to the increased stability provided by the Active Temperature Control technology, which draws heat away from the weighing cell.
The MC Link software guides users through the calibration process all the way to the printed certificate in just a few clicks, all the while ensuring fully traceable and secure data for weights, weight sets, uncertainty analyses, and customers.
Once activated, the GWP Approved function built-in to the comparator monitors its status regarding tests, adjustments, levelling, and settings, so users know that everything is in order before starting calibration. It also ensures that mass comparison takes place within the safe weighing range of the comparator and helps guarantee valid results every time.
The enhanced weighing pan improves weight handling while the patented hook weighing pan simplifies the handling of wire weights, either individually or in combination. The two terminal concept allows the main touchscreen to be placed wherever it is more ergonomic and convenient, while the smaller SmartView terminal is right where users need it. It includes all of the basic functions users need to carry out weighing tasks.
The XPR6U enables mass calibration laboratories to achieve a new level of efficiency for calibration of the smallest reference standards in the highest accuracy classes.
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