Current Edition

Rise of Paediatric Diabetes in Mauritius

In this paper, Laure Lam Hung PhD, Project Manager and Clinical
Research Associate at CIDP and Dr Tarkeswarnath Bachoo MBBS,
MD (Paediatrics), Consultant Paediatrician at Flacq Hospital, give a
detailed insight into the health situation in Mauritius, which has seen
a switch from infectious diseases to non-communicable disease,
namely diabetes, heart disease, cancers and chronic respiratory
diseases. The death rate due to chronic diseases has increased, with
diabetes the leading cause of death. Alarmingly, the T2D and obesity
epidemics have spread to children and adolescents. Although the
public healthcare system provides treatments and support free of
charge to diabetic children and adolescents, preventive measures
have been set up to tackle obesity and consequently T2D in children
and adolescents.