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OneVision: Creating a Global Standardized Laboratory Network for SGS Life Sciences

SGS Life Sciences launches OneVision, a global digitalization initiative to create a single, integrated network of testing laboratories.

SGS launches OneVision, a global digitalization initiative to standardize record-keeping procedures across all Life Sciences’ testing laboratories.

SGS Life Sciences has initiated OneVision to deliver sustained excellence across its entire global network; focusing on expertise and adding value to each project. Utilizing the latest technologies, OneVision will implement standardized record-keeping processes in all offices and laboratories around the globe. This means, wherever a customer is in the world, they are guaranteed the same high-quality service.

OneVision will let SGS Life Sciences global network of laboratories deliver a more comprehensive service to their customers, adding value and delivering faster turnaround times.

OneVision delivers: 

Transformation – implements a fully digitalized global network that interconnects systems and laboratories to create a modern, forward-looking business structure.

Harmonization – establishes a standardized digital record-keeping platform across the SGS global network to reinforce our commitment to quality service.

Optimization – standardizes all network data inputting and streamlines processes to generate greater efficiencies, improve turnaround times and deliver better customer service.

Digitalization – creates a single, global digitalized laboratory network with improved communications between the SGS network and its customers.

Sustainability – reduces environmental impact through digitalization, lessening the need for paper and storage while delivering greater efficiencies.

Business excellence – delivers optimal business evolution through high-tech system adoption, enabling continuous network improvements.

SGS has always been at the forefront of bringing excellence into the business environment. With OneVision they are reducing SGS’s environmental impact while adding value to their services.

OneVision will also bring flexibility to Life Sciences’ service delivery systems. It will create a platform that supports continuous development and allows adaptation and evolution to match everchanging global markets.

Through transformation, harmonization, optimization, digitalization, and a focus on sustainability and business excellence, OneVision will enable SGS Life Sciences to deliver tomorrow’s laboratory to today’s customers.