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Merck Collaborates with LifeNet Health to give Researchers Access to High-Quality Hepatocytes for Drug Development

Merck and LifeNet Health are collaborating to provide researchers with access to high-quality Primary Human Hepatocytes (PHH) that represent both normal and diseased patient phenotypes. Cryopreserved PHH are a vital resource for drug discovery, efficacy and liability studies. Through this partnership, Merck has a broad selection of cell lots that can be used for compound testing services, including, but not limited to:
 Drug metabolism studies including stability, clearance, species comparison, metabolite profiling and ID

  • Toxicity assays
  • High content imaging
  • Metabolism of low clearance compounds
  • CYP Induction (mRNA and enzyme activity)
  • Plated drug transporter assays (uptake and efflux)
  • 3D culture platforms

LifeNet Health primary cells provided by Merck benefit from extensive recovery and processing expertise, offering:

  • Complete donor demographics and recovery specifications that determine performance and phenotypic outcomes
  • Optimized protocols for plating and/or culturing primary human hepatocytes
  • Reliable and consistent quality across lots
  • Easy media preparation – just thaw, mix, and use
  • Superior performance and consistent results in assays for drug metabolism, transporter activity, hepatotoxicity and CYP induction

Each lot is fully characterized for viability, stability, cell yield, attachment efficiency, optimal seeding density, monolayer confluency, Phase I and Phase II drug metabolizing enzyme activities, and CYP induction.