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Medicalchain announces partnership with The Groves Medical Group

The pilot partnership will be open to over 30,000 patients

 Medicalchain, the decentralised blockchain platform that enables secure, fast and transparent exchange of medical records by patients and doctors, is thrilled to announce a partnership with The Groves Medical Group, based in London, UK. The Groves will be the first medical practice in the UK to use blockchain technology and to accept cryptocurrency as payment for health services, broadening access to private healthcare across its four medical centres.

Medicalchain plans to put everyone in control of their health records and be a partner in their healthcare management. The Groves group is the perfect partner for this pilot, consisting of four GP practices, supporting over 30,000 registered patients and 1,000 private patient families.

The pilot is the first application for Medicalchain’s platform that allows patients to take full control of their healthcare records through blockchain technology and will provide access to flexible telemedicine services.

The pilot, which commences in July 2018, will allow Medicalchain to gather feedback from doctors and patients to refine its platform and continue development ahead of its global launch. Groves’ registered patients will be able to create a free wallet which will hold and manage access to their health records. GP video consultations will also be available to patients, offering the flexibility to see their doctor at a time and place suited to their needs. The platform will then give patients the option to pay for services using cryptocurrency, with users being incentivised to pay for telemedicine services with Medicalchain’s MedTokens.

“This is a unique opportunity to work with the leaders in blockchain for healthcare and offer our patients cutting-edge technology. We believe that by empowering people to choose how they access healthcare, we can reduce the burden on public health services. The goal is to improve health services, not only in the UK but across the world, and with Medicalchain we believe we can be a part of that.” said Dr Vince Grippaudo, Senior Partner at The Groves.

Details of the pilot project are currently being refined by both parties with further information due to be announced in the coming weeks.

“I would like to thank The Groves Medical Group for their support and commitment to this project and applaud them for being leaders and pioneers in modern-day healthcare. I would also like to thank our community for their continued support and our team here at Medicalchain who have worked tirelessly to perfect the platform and secure this partnership.” says CEO and Co-Founder Dr Abdullah Albeyatti.

The team at Medicalchain appreciates the dedication of its community and the pivotal role it has played in facilitating the project’s success to date. There will be more exciting updates to follow, and the team look forward to sharing more good news shortly.