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Introducing Copper Clothing Masks

Proven to be effective

  • Copper Clothing fabric has been shown to be effective against Bovine Coronavirus (part of the same coronavirus family as MERS, SARS, and COVID-19) with a 2014 test achieving a log 4 reduction (99.99%) in 10 minutes  
  • In 2020 the fabric also achieved a log 4 reduction (99.99%) Against H1N1 (Swine Flu) 
  • A further independent laboratory test highlighted that Copper Clothing fabric killed 99.99999% (log 6 reduction) of MRSA 

Other benefits

  • Filtration testing on the masks recorded a 99%+ filtration 
  • 4 layers for maximum protection  
  • Cone-shaped: scientifically validated as the best style for ensuring protection  
  • Copper is known to destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses including coronavirus
  • Copper will not wash away; it is environmentally friendly and work across all temperatures and humidity, unlike nano-silver products
  • Fitting – specially designed ear loops which will ensure the mask provides a snug fit / malleable nose strip to fit around the contours of your face  
  • Benefits – a lot of feedback from customers are highlighting that their glasses do not steam up using the mask  

About Copper Clothing  

Copper Clothing is an award-winning UK health-tech company, pioneering the development of copper-infused products. Its goal is to reduce the spread of infectious diseases through its patented technology. Using the sustainable, safe and chemical-free properties of copper it provides a natural solution to prevent the spread of diseases.   

It creates a range of high quality, durable and affordable antimicrobial solutions – from face masks and pyjamas, to bedsheets and blankets. Copper Clothing also helps industries to adopt anti-microbial technology by infusing copper into their existing product ranges.  

Copper Clothing also works closely with healthcare bodies such as the NHS, academics and globally recognised research institutions from the University of Southampton to the University of Bath. All its tests on copper infused fabrics have been carried out to ISO standards at globally accredited laboratories around the world.