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iDD biotech receives second milestone payment from Genmab with enrollment of fifth patient in GEN1029 (HexaBody®-DR5/DR5) safety trial in patients with malignant solid tumors

Lyon, France, December 4, 2018 – iDD biotech, a French immuno-oncology company with a large pipeline of preclinical and clinical stage monoclonal antibodies, reports that it has received a second milestone payment after its partner, Genmab, started a Phase I/IIa trial of GEN1029 (HexaBody-DR5/DR5). This potent and innovative combination of two anti-DR5 antibodies was discovered and developed by iDD biotech, who established preclinical proof of concept in solid tumors with unmet medical needs.
In March 2015, Genmab signed an agreement to further develop iDD biotech’s DR5-specific antibodies. Genmab developed GEN1029 (HexaBody-DR5/DR5) by introducing an E430G hexamerization-enhancing Fc mutation (HexaBody molecules) in both DR5-specific antibodies, significantly improving DR5 agonist activity of the antibody mixture, resulting in profound tumor cell death in preclinical settings. GEN1029 showed strong anti-tumor efficacy in in vitro and in vivo models representing a variety of human solid tumor types.
The primary purpose of the clinical trial is to assess the safety of GEN1029 (HexaBody-DR5/DR5) in a mixed population of patients with specified solid tumors. iDD biotech has received a milestone payment of €1 million triggered by the dosing of the fifth patient in the Phase I first-in-human part of the trial.
Genmab is responsible for the entire clinical development and commercialization of the drug candidate. This is the second development milestone. According to the terms of the agreement, iDD biotech is entitled to receive up to €98 million in future milestone payments and potential royalties for future worldwide sales.
“This is a validation of our antibody early stage programs and our ability to deliver to patients innovative and best-in-class candidate medicine from our large library of antibodies,” said Hélène Rouquette, CEO and founder of iDD biotech. “We are entering into the very small club of French biotech companies seeing antibodies from their own preclinical research tested in Phase I in human.”
iDD biotech currently has other partnering programs in progress with key pharmaceutical companies.