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The Hygeia Group of hospitals expands Clinerion’s global network of hospitals into Greece.

The Hygeia Group, comprising three hospitals in Athens, Greece, joins Clinerion’s hospital network, and expands Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer footprint in Europe.

The Hygeia Group comprises three hospitals:

ꟷ    the Hygeia hospital, a diagnostic and therapeutic center and general hospital in Athens, Greece with 315 beds;

ꟷ    the Mitera Hospital, a general hospital specializing in maternity, gynecology and children’s health in Athens, Greece with 459 beds;

ꟷ    the Leto Hospital, a maternity and gynecology hospital, and surgical center in Athens, Greece with 100 beds.

The Hygeia Hospital is the only hospital in Greece with a Joint Commission International (JCI) Gold Seal accreditation for quality and safety in healthcare. The group currently conducts above 80 clinical trials per year.

Joining Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer platform will bring more innovative treatments to the patients of the Hygeia Group’s hospitals and clinics, and give their physicians more options in treating their patients. The group will also gain more exposure to global clinical trials run by international pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations. Drug developers working on innovative treatments will now benefit from access to these new geographies and clinics with strong therapeutic focus.


“The strong oncology orientation of our hospitals along with the high-quality oncology staff provide a great opportunity to all stakeholders to enhance clinical trials with novel agents and combinations for our patients’ benefit,” says Mr. Andreas Kartapanis, CEO of the Hygeia Group.

“The Hygeia Group has state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment, and a roster of expert clinicians,” says Ian Rentsch, CEO of Clinerion. “This will be a great benefit to pharma companies and CROs looking to accelerate their drug trials in Greece.”