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How to Ensure Supply when Sourcing Innovator Products for Biosimilar Research and Trials

How to Ensure Supply when Sourcing Innovator Products for Biosimilar Research and Trials
It is no secret that there has been an explosion in the development of biosimilar products, with trials in progress for as many as 15 different commercial products across the therapeutic areas of oncology, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and many others. Much of the attention has been on the regulatory and commercialisation challenges for the development and launch of these products. However, without research and clinical trials, these products will never reach the market. This article by Michael Cohen, Managing Director, Myoderm addresses the various stages of research and development for biosimilars, the general considerations for supply of innovator products at these different stages, the challenges in planning and sourcing pharmaceuticals in both the US and EU, and finally, the criteria you can use to evaluate companies that supply innovator products for studies.