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Hospital PUC-Campinas Celso Pierro joins Patient Network Explorer, expanding Clinerion’s existing patient coverage in Brazil

Hospital PUC-Campinas Celso Pierro joins the global hospital network on Patient Network Explorer, bringing its patients access to leading-edge medical interventions via international, sponsored clinical trials, and expanding Clinerion’s existing presence in São Paulo State.

Hospital PUC-Campinas Celso Pierro is a reference hospital in high-complexity care in Campinas, São Paulo, and surrounding regions, with 339 beds. The hospital runs clinical trials in cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology and haematology, among others.

By joining the Patient Network Explorer platform, patients at Hospital PUC-Campinas Celso Pierro will gain visibility when sponsors are seeking patient cohorts and selecting sites for clinical trials. Patient Network Explorer matches sponsors’ trial protocols to the anonymized EHR data of patients in Clinerion’s hospital network.

“The partnership with Clinerion and the implementation of the Patient Network Explorer system is very important for the Clinical Research Center of the Hospital PUC-Campinas because we believe that the system will increase the number of randomized patients in our clinical research studies in a short time,” says Dr. Danilo Villagelin, Director of the Clinical Research Center. “The field of clinical research studies is very competitive and we expect partnership with Clinerion to bring us great benefits in efficiency and efficacy of running trials.”

“iHealth, as a partner of Clinerion in Brazil, is determined to connect more and more reference research centers in Brazil, like the Hospital PUC-Campinas, attracting more clinical studies and financial resources to Brazilian institutions,” says Leonardo Nunes Alegre, COO of iHealth.

“Clinerion is determined to provide more treatment options to patients and their physicians in Brazil by bringing more international clinical trials to the country,” says Ian Rentsch, CEO of Clinerion. “Brazil is a vast country with vast possibilities for clinical research. Our expansion throughout the major metropolitan areas of the country demonstrates our commitment to both patients and the development of innovative medical interventions. We are proud to count Hospital PUC-Campinas Celso Pierro as a partner.”