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Exco InTouch granted United States patent for groundbreaking mDNA® technology

21 July 2015 – Exco InTouch, the leading provider of digital patient engagement and data capture solutions for clinical research and healthcare providers, today announced that it has been granted a US Patent corresponding to its mDNA® technology.
mDNA® is an automated management tool that seamlessly identifies, distributes and manages patients and their mobile device interactivity in clinical and healthcare programs.
mDNA® provides study managers, sponsors and healthcare providers with effective control over the environment in which patients interact with mobile data capture services, thereby offering device management benefits for traditional, fully provisioned clinical trials. In addition, by managing each patients’ interactions within defined parameters, mDNA® overcomes the perceived barriers to the adoption of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in clinical trial and healthcare settings. Through its ability to identify the patient device in use and manage the system response accordingly, mDNA® ensures consistency of display and content in a BYOD environment, thereby enhancing the familiarity and usability of mobile technology for each participant.
In addition to these patient centered benefits, mDNA® facilitates the remote maintenance and update of eCOA (electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments) and ePRO (electronic Patient Reported Outcomes) solutions. Furthermore, mDNA® manages and protects personally identifiable information (PII), creating unique identifiers for each user and removing the requirement for PII to be stored within the system. This provides confidence in the management of data which is fully compliant with data security and regulatory guidelines including EU data protection, Safe Harbor and HIPAA.
Tim Davis, CEO and founder of Exco InTouch commented: “Since its formation, Exco InTouch has been committed to the development of innovative mobile solutions to help support patients in clinical trials and general healthcare settings. We are excited by the addition of the US patent for our ground-breaking mDNA® technology to our market leading patient engagement portfolio.
He continues “With the granting of this patent, we look forward to continuing to bring its wide ranging benefits to bear for patients, sponsors and healthcare providers, and leading the industry in providing secure and engaging mobile solutions that improve the patient experience in clinical research and healthcare programs.”
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