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Digitalisation and innovations: new MT-CONNECT Expert Advisory Panel sets priorities

• Advisory Panel established for the new exhibition on supplying
and producing medical technology
• MT-CONNECT to become an international platform for innovations
in medical technology
The new medical technology exhibition MT-CONNECT (21-22 June 2017)
also focuses on the current mega trend of digitalisation and looks
towards the future. The exhibition is to become an international platform
for innovations in medical technology. This is being recommended by
the Expert Advisory Panel. The advisory panel brings together important
representatives from the industry and from associations, and supports
the NürnbergMesse. The new exhibition format, which is to be supported
by the Forum MedTech Pharma’s international medical technology
congress MedTech Summit as of 2017, aims at networking suppliers,
medical technology manufacturers and other important representatives
from the industry.
Expert Hans-Peter Bursig, Managing Director of ZVEI – the German
Association of the Electromedical Engineering Industry, says: “The integration
of various technologies to result in a good product is the strength of German
medical technology.” MT-CONNECT is to provide a platform for this in future.
Alexander Stein, MT-CONNECT Exhibition Manager, sets the goal for the new
exhibition: “We want to show where medical technology is heading. We want
to be more than a typical exhibition showing the latest products and
components; instead we are intentionally going a step further. We bring
together the players essential for launching a new medical product – we
network suppliers and manufacturers. And important medical product topics,
such as financing, authorisation and regulatory affairs will be an integral part
of the exhibition.”
Exchange of ideas and close cooperation
Expert panel member Matthias Lorenz, a member of the Board of
Management of the IVAM Association for Microtechnology, adds: “In order not
to miss out on participating in the global market, it is absolutely essential for
suppliers, manufacturers and doctors to cooperate even more closely in the
development of products and in innovations. This interaction, together with
engineering expertise, will reinforce the strengths of domestic medical
technology even more.” And that is exactly what it is all about: the exchange of
ideas at the “Partnering Event” and the “Innovation Market Place.” This is a
special area for start-ups and established companies to present their
innovative products and methods. Jörg Trinkwalter, advisory panel member
and a member of the Medical Valley EMN e.V. management, outlines the wide
range of innovations: “Digitalisation is taking place at every level in the supply
chain, and it will have a massive impact on business processes and business
models in future.” The special topic of “electronics and digitalisation” also
provides a look ahead into the future of medical technology and can be found
again in the exhibition and in talks as a link to the MedTech Summit.
From theory to practice: MedTech Summit
“Partnering” brings trade fair and congress visitors together as a “connecting
event”. “Partnering” involves an intelligent online service ensuring that people
who are interested are brought together for constructive talks in 30-minute
cycles. “The combination of exhibition and congress builds a bridge between
the innovators among suppliers, manufacturers and research and clinic
representatives,” says Dr. Thomas Feigl, Managing Director and member of
the Board of Management of the Forum MedTech Pharma and also a member
of the Expert Advisory Panel. “Participants in the technical programme discuss
what is worth striving for and what makes sense in diagnostics and therapies,
and the exhibition shows what is already technically feasible and gives an
insight into the future.”
The MT-CONNECT and MedTech Summit will be held at the NürnbergMesse
for the first time on 21 and 22 June 2017. More information and the
registration form for exhibitors are available at:
The MT-CONNECT Advisory Panel:
• Hans-Peter Bursig, Managing Director of ZVEI – the German Association
of the Electromedical Engineering Industry in the Electrical and Electronic
Manufacturers’ Association, Frankfurt
• Dr. Thomas Feigl, Managing Director and member of the Board of
Management of the Forum MedTech Pharma e.V., Nuremberg
• Matthias Lorenz, Managing Director of IVAM, the Association for
Microtechnology, Dortmund
• Dr. Michael Meyer, Strategy & Government Affairs & Policy Germany Vice
President with Siemens Healthineers, Erlangen
• Marc D. Michel, Managing Director of Peter Brehm GmbH, Weisendorf
• Jörg Trinkwalter, Member of the management of Medical Valley EMN
e.V., Erlangen
Image line:
MT-CONNECT Expert Advisory Panel and organisers: Exhibition Manager
Alexander Stein, Dr. Michael Meyer of Siemens Healthineers, Marc D. Michel
of Peter Brehm, Hans-Peter Bursig of ZVEI, Claus Rättich, member of the
Management Board of NürnbergMesse, Peter Ottmann, Managing Director of
NürnbergMesse (back) and Jörg Trinkwalter, Member of the Management
Board of Medical Valley, Dr. Thomas Feigl of Forum MedTech Pharma,
Richard Krowoza, member of the Management Board of NürnbergMesse, and
project manager Sven Lübbers (front, left to right). Not present: Matthias
Lorenz of IVAM.
MT-CONNECT is the exhibition for all the supply and manufacturing areas of
medical technology. As a platform for the industry, MT-CONNECT pools
expertise from all the sub-areas of medical technology, from technology and
production to financing, marketing and regulatory affairs.
This is where manufacturers,suppliers and service organisations as well as research and
education institutions in the medical technology industry meet to exchange
ideas. The international MedTech Summit is held in the immediate vicinity at
the same time as the MT-CONNECT. The promotional supporter of the MTCONNECT
is the Forum MedTech Pharma e.V., the largest healthcare
industry network in Germany and Europe.
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