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Cmed to showcase own eSource technology at SCOPE 2018

Cmed, an innovative technology-led CRO, will demonstrate the eSource and live data analytics capabilities of encapsia®, a next generation clinical data suite, at Summit for Clinical Operations Executives 2018 this month. Cmed’s encapsia® is a cloud-based suite of apps that helps biotech and pharma sponsors transform the way data is captured, monitored and reviewed in clinical trials. Our innovative technology, combined with our experienced people provide real, tangible benefits including an immediacy of being able to see and take actions on your data, and provide reductions in the cost of running a study.

At SCOPE, Cmed will also demonstrate how to improve the capture and management of data from different sources and review them in live insights, finding answers to your questions immediately. The encapsia® clinical data suite enables sponsors to have a single point of access for live views in a clinical trial of all data, eCRFs, lab, third party data. As a result, encapsia® offers quality, accurate, reliable data faster, empowering timely decision making and corrective actions in real-time for sponsors.

David Connelly, Chief Executive Officer, Cmed comments, “We have considerable expertise in supporting full service studies, particularly in oncology and complex trials. We developed encapsia® to help meet the special demands of these sometimes challenging studies. With the aid of encapsia®, we are able to offer our sponsors live access to actionable data with many benefits including better review of patient eligibility, improvements to patient safety monitoring, real world flexibility and immediacy of data, and thus superior oversight of the study as a whole”.