Current Edition

Clinerion releases revamped design with improved functionality for Patient Recruitment System.

Clinerion has redesigned the web application for Patient Recruitment System, creating a sleek, professional and intuitive new user interface with analytical capabilities. The system’s functionality and speed have been improved, further supporting decision-making for clinical trial site selection and recruitment strategies.
The Patient Recruitment System (PRS) web application has been completely redesigned, using state of the art web design principles based on Material Design. It now incorporates new functionalities and improvements in ease-of-use, resulting in a modern, visually attractive, intuitive and user-friendly appearance. The entire application can now be used on touch displays.
The PRS Protocol Designer interface has been simplified, and the process for coding inclusion and exclusion criteria (from simple to complex) has been streamlined. The presentation of data and results is also enhanced, while offering additional options for data analysis, viewing statistics and the display of deeper levels of analyzed data.
Search results are shown not just for the overall query, but also per criterion. Distributions by age and gender are viewable at every stage. In the case of criteria with time or quantity restrictions, the new interface presents a drill-down to view the corresponding patient distributions. All these allow the identification of criteria which are limiting the results, and enable modification and optimization of the query. Distributions of the occurrence of disease, treatment, or medication codes are shown in graphical format. This data analysis capability is implemented throughout the application and allows informed selection of medical codes when creating a query for a protocol.
The PRS Terminology Manager now also shows live analytics of the occurrence of medical codes, in regions or sites.
As with the release of Version 4, in September 2016, this revamp comes with many technical improvements as well. Indexing of PRS servers at hospitals has been optimized. This allows the system to deliver complete search results for protocols with hundreds of statements at site installations with millions of patients within seconds.
Patients referred to the trial and recruited outside PRS may now be manually added into the PRS Patient Finder, to ensure its completeness as a patient recruitment tracking tool.
The updated PRS is available for demo now and will officially be available at the end of September 2017. Demonstration requests for the new user interface can be made to:
“PRS is a very sophisticated system, but we have to make sure users see only the benefits and keep our own workings under the hood,” says Andreas Walter, Chief Technology Officer of Clinerion. “Users of PRS can feel comfortable in their user experience, all the while taking advantage of the full depth of capability we offer.”
“Clinerion is not sitting still – we know we have to stay on the ball,” says Ulf Claesson, CEO of Clinerion. “This update keeps PRS ahead of the wave and I’m looking forward to showing it to all our partners and clients!”