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Clinerion and iHealth Group partner with Bioserv SMO to accelerate clinical research in Brazil by introducing Clinerion’s PRS to the Hospital São Vicente de Paulo

In concert with its Brazilian partner, the iHealth Group, Clinerion has agreed with Bioserv SMO to add Bioserv’s trial sites to the PRS platform. The Hospital São Vicente de Paulo is the first implementation, bringing another 540 thousand patient lives to Clinerion’s coverage in Brazil.
Bioserv SMO manages trial sites in the Rio Grande do Sul region of Brazil. The first implementation of PRS will take place at the Hospital São Vicente de Paulo, in the city of Passo Fundo. São Vicente de Paulo has 600 beds, and its hospital information system holds 540K patient lives.
The hospital’s 26 Principal Investigators specialize in multiple therapeutic areas, running studies in Phase Ib, II, III and IV on drugs and medical devices. Currently, they have 60 ongoing studies.
“We look forward to turning Rio Grande do Sul into a beacon for clinical research in Brazil,” says Keyla Deucher, PharmD, MBA, MsC, Director of Bioserv SMO. “The state Senator of Rio Grande do Sul, Senadora Ana Amélia Lemos, has been instrumental in the recent discussions and launch of the new Clinical Research law in Brazil. This law is opening doors for the future of clinical research in Brazil, increasing efficiency and security, and providing modern medicine for patients.”
“For the iHealth Group it is a great privilege, together with Clinerion, to carry out this great partnership with Bioserv SMO,” says Bruno Oliveira, founder and CIO of iHealth Group. “Digitalization of the health segment is a path of no return, and health facilities that are not prepared will have significant difficulties going forward. Bioserv is leading the pack in this matter and will certainly be an example for others following their lead.”
“Clinerion’s technology is designed to bring benefits born of disruption,” says Clinerion CEO, Ulf Claesson. “We are thrilled to partner with visionary organizations who decisively take huge technological steps toward creating new efficiencies in drug development and accelerating the launch of new medicines.”