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Clinerion enters South America, as Brazil’s iHealth Group joins the Patient Recruitment System platform

Basel, January 10, 2017 – The iHealth Group of Brazil joins the Patient Recruitment System platform as Clinerion’s first hospital cluster in South America. iHealth brings PRS a potential access to 40 sites and a 25 M patient population, opening up Brazil for Clinerion’s services for clinical patient recruitment, market access and real-world evidence.

The iHealth Group is a company focused on the health informatics industry. Formed by a team with expert knowledge of the Brazilian health system, the company delivers products that contribute to the evolution of e-health in Brazil. In this respect, iHealth has worked on products such as Electronic Patient Records, Interoperability with Government Systems, Online Results Delivery, Strategic Management, Analytical and Operational, and Clinical Decision Support Systems, among others.

With iHealth joining PRS, pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations sponsoring clinical trials will gain real-time, EHR-based insight on the Brazilian patient population. Sponsors using PRS will be able to evaluate the distribution of eligible patients at iHealth’s sites during the development of a trial protocol and site selection for their clinical trials. These candidates can then be identified and recruited by the sites, themselves. Access to patient data in real-time enables more effective and efficient recruitment, especially for time-dependent criteria. Patient data also becomes available for matching patients with medications for rare and orphan diseases and the generation of data for real-world evidence.

Joining the Patient Recruitment System (PRS) platform, iHealth’s patients will have higher opportunities to gain earlier access to next generation medication via clinical trials and market access activities. iHealth sites will become more visible to the sponsors when making decisions about siting of clinical trials, potentially bringing more international clinical research to Brazil. Patients with rare diseases will benefit from being matched with the latest medications coming onto the market. iHealth itself will gain significant time savings from efficiency improvements during the patient recruitment phase of clinical trials.

“We are very happy to have an opportunity to open Brazil up for wider participation in international clinical trials. We know that Brazil has great potential for growth in the industry. It is extremely gratifying to have, iHealth and Clinerion working together to contribute to the increase of clinical research in Brazil, as well as the increase in the chances of finding new medicines to cure diseases,” says Bruno Souza de Oliveira, Founder and CEO of the iHealth Group.

“The addition of iHealth Group to the PRS platform is a very important milestone in Clinerion’s expansion into new geographic areas across the world. This marks our entry into South America and we are thrilled to welcome the iHealth Group,” says Ulf Claesson, CEO of Clinerion. “This will allow Clinerion and iHealth to offer clinical trial sponsors Brazilian clinical expertise and facilities of the highest quality and professionalism, alongside a vast, new patient population.”

Clinerion’s hospital coverage currently comprises hospital clusters with a catchment area of more than 30 M people represented by around 400 M case files. Clinerion is continuing to pursue expansion of its hospital network across all continents.