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Clinerion comes to Asia, forging a strategic alliance with Taiwan’s ASUS Life

Orlando, FL, U.S.A., February 20, 2017 – Clinerion and ASUS Life signed a strategic alliance today at the HIMSS 17 conference in Orlando, Florida. Clinerion and ASUS Life, together with the Show Chwan Healthcare System, will deliver innovative services for the efficient running of clinical trials, clinical patient recruitment, market access and real-world evidence in Taiwan.

ASUS Life is a unique joint venture which combines the power and reliability of ASUS’ information technology with the clinical research services of the Show Chwan Healthcare System, in Taiwan.

The new alliance between Clinerion and ASUS Life helps shorten the time it takes to bring a new drug to market, benefitting patients who get earlier access to new medicines.

With this collaboration, researchers at hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations gain real-time, EHR-based insight on the Taiwanese patient population. Eligible patients can subsequently be recruited by trial staff at Show Chwan’s 8 hospital sites. The collaboration will also enable the matching of patients with medications for rare and orphan diseases and the generation of data for real-world evidence analyses.

“We provide services that meet international standards in order to bring the best possible medical care to more people. We are therefore very pleased for Show Chwan’s patients to have more opportunities to gain earlier access to next generation medication via clinical trials and market access activities. Our patients with rare diseases will benefit from being matched with the latest medications coming onto the market,” says Prof. Min-Ho Huang, President of Show Chwan Healthcare System.

“Taiwan has tremendous potential for growth in the industry and we are delighted to host Clinerion’s PRS platform with ASUS technology and services and boost the number, quality and efficiency of clinical trials. We are excited about moving forward as strategic allies and promoting the advancement of clinical trial efficiency,” says Peter Wu, CEO of ASUS Life.

“The arrival of ASUS Life and Show Chwan on the PRS platform is another significant milestone in Clinerion’s expansion. Having already established our presence in Europe, Turkey, and the Americas, we are thrilled to enter the Asian Pacific region, and to welcome ASUS Life and Show Chwan,” says Ulf Claesson, CEO of Clinerion. “With this alliance, Clinerion can now offer clinical trial sponsors Taiwanese clinical expertise and facilities of the highest quality and professionalism, alongside a new patient population.”

Clinerion’s hospital coverage currently comprises hospital clusters with a catchment area of more than 30 million people, represented by around 400 million case files. Clinerion is continuing to pursue expansion of its hospital network across all continents.