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Bioclinica Acquires Cloud-Based Image Management Technology

Bioclinica has acquired MDDX Research & Informatics, adding cloud research image management and submission technologies to its suite of eHealth solutions.
MDDX cloud-based image submission technology will become the backbone of Bioclinica’s SMART solution. SMART, which stands for Submit, Manage, Analyze, Report, and Transfer, is a robust suite of centralized medical imaging services designed to manage the complex imaging process from image receipt and analysis to regulatory submission. This SMART Submit innovation will make the image submission process easier, faster, and cleaner for clinical research sites anywhere around the globe—leading to higher-quality data for submissions and better outcomes.
In a company statement, Bioclinica President and CEO John Hubbard said, “Combining the MDDX technology suite with Bioclinica, including advanced cloud research image management and services, is a perfect match, especially for sponsors who want the assurance that the critical medical imaging component of a clinical trial is managed efficiently, accurately, and reliably, regardless of where the trial is held in the world. Making the sophisticated and proven MDDX technology the backbone of our medical image submission solution means that Bioclinica customers can now rely on a unique combination of the industry’s most experienced medical imaging professionals and the most advanced imaging technologies.”
MDDX founder and chief designer Dan Gebow as well as his full team of image data technologists and software engineers will head up research image management at Bioclinica. Gebow is known as an industry disruptor, bringing advancements with image quality control, large file transport, and global cloud-based high-speed transmission.
The FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant MDDX platform is powered by artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies, integrated over 1,500 screening and de-identification rules to detect image issues and automatically de-identify any standard image type. An online hosting environment brings clients the added benefits of real-time access to imaging data complete with audit trail transparency. The application uses proprietary algorithms and technology and is backed by a de-identification guarantee, a zero percent error rate for images that passes their image Quality Control, and 20-year online storage to exceed even the most stringent record-retention requirements. The cloud-based system has data centres for global coverage anywhere clinical trials or post­market surveillance projects are performed-so that upload and download speeds is never a problem for users.