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Almac Group Implements Salesforce Service Cloud to Enhance Client and Clinical Site User Experience

Almac Clinical Technologies, a global leader in technology-enabled solutions for managing clinical trial patient and supplies data through its flagship IXRS® 3 Interactive Response Technology (IRT)has successfully implemented Salesforce Service Cloud, a best-in-class customer service software to facilitate inquiries from clients and clinical site users requesting live project support.
Run on the world’s number one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, Almac Clinical Technologies implemented the system to deliver a smarter, streamlined approach to client support on a 24/7 basis. Unlike ticket-based systems currently being utilized throughout the industry, this Cloud-based scalable solution replaces auto-reply emails with real-time acknowledgement and empowers Almac Clinical Technologies’ IRT Technical Support Team to respond immediately to client or clinical site-user requests, ensuring real-time issue resolution. Using Service Cloud for all customer support activity produces enhanced predictive analytics that depict trending issues and service request-types. This enables Almac to anticipate future requests from clients and design preventative remediation tactics to ensure efficient and expeditious service.
“The fast-paced and time-sensitive nature of our industry requires service providers to be ready and able to respond to issues the moment they arise. By integrating Salesforce Service Cloud into our current processes, it allows us to see a full history of previous requests and feedback that mitigates future repetition and enhances reliability, therefore quickly resolving issues raised. We are proud to be the first provider in the market to deploy Salesforce Service Cloud to further enhance the experience of our clients and their clinical site partners,” commented Todd Kole, Vice President of Clinical Project Services.
By offering a more robust and reliable client service through Salesforce Service Cloud, Almac continues to keep their commitment to continuous improvement and delivering the most simple and effective customer experience for the clinical development community.