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World’s First Sleep Laboratory Test That Sits on Your Chin Launches in the UK

●       Innovative sensor monitors for sleep disorders from comfort of your own bedroom

●       Smart device saves waiting times for NHS diagnosis in wake of pandemic

●       New clinically proven test puts  science at tip of chin

LONDON, 01 December 2020: The world’s first sleep test designed to diagnose sleep apnoea and associated sleep disorders using a device that sits on your chin launches in the UK today.

Sunrise, is a revolutionary certified medical smart sensor and the first of its kind to offer sleep science at the tip of the chin to provide results equivalent to the polysomnography used in laboratory conditions.

In collaboration with prestigious institutions such as the National Heart and Lung InstituteImperial College London and £4.8M investment, Sunrise is clinically proven to ensure that sleep disorder sufferers receive a quick, cost-effective and complete diagnosis. To relieve the NHS from pressure amid the pandemic and while most sleep laboratories are currently closed, the innovative technology provides a medically certified alternative for all conventional sleep apnoea tests.

In just a few simple steps, Sunrise enables users to understand their sleep disturbances and connects them to a certified sleep physician for actionable solutions.

How the Sunrise sleep apnoea test works:

  1. At the click of a button, users can order the medical 3 gram sensor to their doorstep.
  2. Next, the user places the device securely on the chin before heading to sleep.
  3. The sensor records data collected whilst the user is asleep to generate a thorough report shared the next day that highlights possible sleep apnoea or other sleep conditions through the partnering Sunrise app.
  1. Users are then offered the choice to connect with sleep physicians, and receive treatment when needed.

By measuring the movements in the chin, Sunrise allows everyone to perform a clinical test from the comfort of the home in a natural sleeping environment with the non-invasive small smart device, powered by AI technology. Tests start from just £49 for single use and alleviate individuals from going through the tedious process of sleeping in a hospital bed connected to endless wires.

The brainchild of sleep specialist Dr. Jean-Benoit Martinot and the result of over a decade’s worth of research, the Belgian tech start-up is set to make professional medical grade sleep tests accessible to everyone. In a significant clinical study, published in JAMA¹ and authored by international sleep apnoea experts, Sunrise’s technology has demonstrated industry-leading performances among home sleep tests. Following its launch in France and Belgium, Sunrise has to date successfully served nearly 10,000 consumers with a desire for a good night’s sleep.

The Sunrise ethos centres around building trust and unique relationships with each individual user by providing a simplified healthcare pathway and therapeutic advice, between diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, Sunrise continues to expand its list of partnered physicians as it is the company’s intention to become a national facilitator between patients and physicians.

Laurent Martinot, CEO and Co-founder of Sunrise, comments: “We are excited to launch into the UK, which is known for its early adoption of innovative and industry leading medtech solutions. Sleep apnoea is a major health issue today with studies having concluded sleep disordered breathing concerns affect 49% of men and 23% of women aged 40 and above². The problem is that the condition remains 80% undiagnosed³ and untreated sleep apnoea is linked with serious health problems such as hypertension, heart failure, stroke or diabetes.

Additionally, patients suffering from sleep apnoea also appear to be more at risk if they contract COVID-19. As a result of the pandemic, many sleep labs have largely slowed down and we are working with sleep physicians in order to make the steps to getting treatment quick, easy and affordable without compromising the quality of the results.”

Martinot adds: “Our overarching mission is to help everyone understand that breathing is at the heart of good night’s sleep. We believe sleep should not be a source of anxiety and getting a simple test can bring about more understanding of the quality of sleep.”

Compatible with iOS and Android, the Sunrise sleep apnoea test is available from Prices start from £49 for a 1 night complete sleep test with a diagnosis report and free shipping as standard.