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Tower Cold Chain

Tower Cold Chain is a leading provider of temperature-controlled solutions to the global pharmaceutical, biotech and life-science industries. Working with businesses since 2007 to protect the integrity of life-saving products, our robust, reliable, reusable temperature-controlled containers are the essential link in the stability of the cold chain.

Trusted by global pharmaceutical, logistics providers and airline companies, our innovative insulated shipping containers and expert team ensure temperature-sensitive goods are delivered to patients on time, undamaged and with zero temperature excursions. Our patented design technology ensures our temperature-controlled transportation solutions meet the pharmaceutical industry performance standard, providing a minimum of 120-hour temperature compliance in any environment, anywhere in the world. Data downloaded from over 25,000 shipments has demonstrated fewer than 0.1% of temperature excursions on average, a vital indicator in the maintenance of the cold chain.

Tower provides an extensive range of passive cold chain containers designed to meet all challenging supply chain needs. From our KT400 Tower Flexi Fit which provides 120+ product protection for -20°c, +5°c and +20°c shipments using phase-change technology, to our KTM42D Tower Double Euro Pallet Ultra Cold, providing 94 hours product protection for -80°c to -20°c shipments, using dry ice, all our solutions require zero human or manual intervention during transit. With no reliance on an external electricity source, Tower’s passive solutions de-risk the potential for temperature excursions caused by a loss of power or human error, providing a simple load, lock, and delivery process.

Factoring in the high value of pharmaceutical goods, the volatility of the market, and customer preference for end-to-end traceability and precise shipment tracking means data and visibility is no longer a bonus feature, but a vital part of cold chain operations. Built into all Tower containers are data loggers, designed to monitor external and internal temperatures throughout each container’s journey. Using Bluetooth Low Energy Technology, each logger communicates wirelessly, sending real-time, accurate data to the cloud. This allows for in-transit compliance checks and on-delivery sign-off, delivering a complete electronic and hard-copy audit trail across the entire logistics process providing complete visibility and transparency to customers. Assurance of product integrity is paramount in a cold chain which is why reliability is a key foundation for Tower. Our team works to guarantee compliance with all pharmaceutical regulations, within all market geographies.



The increased pressure for greener supply chain management within the pharmaceutical industry has forced many to reassess their processes. Tower recognises the role we play in working with our stakeholders to move from a linear supply chain to a circular one. Focusing on delivering a consistent patient outcome whatever the location is always a priority of ours and we understand that pharmaceutical manufacturers will indeed source freight and logistics services from those who have the most optimised supply chain networks. We offer our customers a network of fully stocked hubs located across multiple countries to provide the proximity and availability required by today’s global supply chains, whilst maximising energy efficiency in our logistics services.

Our optimised networks in conjunction with our portfolio of reusable passive solutions support our mutual ambition of waste reduction in the cold chain. Multi-use solutions offer a substantially reduced environmental profile, simply by the fact that they stay in market circulation for a long time, therefore eradicating disposal packaging. Robust in structure, all Tower containers are reusable and can withstand years of freighting, thereby decreasing waste produced in comparison to single-use thermo box solutions which are disregarded after one journey. All players in the cold chain have a role to play in sustainability. We see ours as providing reusable, cost-effective temperature-sensitive packaging solutions that contribute to our customers’ worldwide supply-chain objectives.

We work closely with our customers, realising their requirements and how we can address their emerging needs to deliver customer-focused innovation in temperature-controlled protection. Our patented design technology meets the GDP requirements of our customers and exceeds the temperature-control demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

Tower containers are ideally suited for the bulk transportation of:

  • All vaccines, including C19 vaccines and ABIs
  • API & diagnostic kits
  • Biopharmaceutical solutions
  • Diagnostics specimen samples
  • Cell lines bacteria
  • Microorganisms
  • Proteins and other samples and solutions
  • Clinical trial products
  • Any other pharma or life science product requiring a stable temperature environment for transportation


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