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It’s All About Stem Cells
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It’s All About Stem Cells

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Eppendorf’s new eBook covering topics from modern medicine to novel foods.

There are many advances in the field of stem cell research and applications that have the potential to change the world, ranging from new treatments for diseases to revolutionizing how we see food. This new eBook covers a variety of topics from modern medicine to novel foods. Learn more about the potential of stem cells to change the world. Read the application note on hiPSC-derived cardiomyocyte production in stirred-tank bioreactors for large-scale screening to enhance drug development. The application note on exosome production shows a proof of concept study to successfully produce stem-cell derived exosomes in stirred-tank bioreactors. Finally, enjoy the interview with Prof. Mark Post, CEO from MosaMeat, who presented the first burger, made of lab-grown meat, to the world.

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Covid – 19

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This Covid-19 Partnering Supplement advises and informs the pharmaceutical industry, on new development in treatments to irradicate this unexpected virus. The emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus represents the biggest global challenge that humanity has faced for generations. In the past, we have experienced similar challenges, such as the Spanish flu. This time, due to globalization, this virus has become more difficult to control and monitor. In Part II of this Supplement, you will read about what various companies are doing to contribute to address this enormous challenge.

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