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PenThu®, a New Concept in the Clinical Research Industry

Gent, Belgium: 28th September 2016 – PenThu®, the first Interactive Guidance Management System (IGMS) in the clinical research industry developed by Europital, opened its doors widely to global clinical trials with the established new concept in guidance management within global projects.
PenThu® is an innovative product from Europital that drives performance, knowledge and efficiencies via the creation of an interactive environment that provides the kind of transparency needed to share and access study guidance information and resources in a way that maximizes team performance and creates true partnerships in the daily workflow of the Clinical Research industry.
With its recent deployment in two global clinical projects, PenThu® has opened the gateway towards a new concept in which the guidance management process in clinical research studies will be harmonized and fully automated. A platform where Responsible Team Members will be able to seamlessly interact with the operational team members across the globe within each individual project, maximizing information sharing, problem solving and issue management.
PenThu® scaled from an out-of-the-box idea to a market solution and launched its global presence with two international research projects from an American biopharmaceutical company that are conducted in three continents and 13 different countries.
Via the project-specific knowledge-base and the harmonized management of all project-related questions, PenThu® opens a new era of interactive guidance management that optimizes communication flow, ensures transparency, and maximizes quality and knowledge-building.
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