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At Orifarm Clinical Trial Supplies, we understand that each patient is a real person beyond a number on a spreadsheet, which helps our team to focus on high quality and reliable sourcing of clinical trial supplies. By reducing financial and supply chain risk, we can reliably deliver your clinical trial comparator and auxiliary medicines supply needs through data driven ethical sourcing practices.

Our focus on reducing waste through our unique inventory reservation service and technology enabled sustainable supply chain processes, allows you to focus on development of new treatments to patients.

Patients are at the heart of everything we do because we care

Orifarm was founded in Denmark in 1994 by Birgitte and Hans Bøgh-Sørensen. Starting out with an entrepreneurial mission which was later re-named the ‘explorer spirit’. This concept describes a company culture in which we are always looking for new ways to develop and improve, with respect for both quality and the individuals in our company.

Using our position as a fully integrated global pharmaceutical company with a unique combination of fully owned product lines and as Europe’s number 1 Pharmaceutical trade business, we are able to shift the procurement dynamic from the standard transactional approach to a data and market intelligence driven supply chain. Our unrivalled product access enables us to provide a more reliable and economical service to our clients, helping them to focus on the important task of researching and developing new treatments.

Orifarm CTS sources from more than 27 global markets with years of experience managing cross-country imports/exports. With dedicated CTS teams and facilities in Denmark, UK, Czech Republic & USA we can ensure the optimal supply chain routing to meet for your requirements. We view our customers as partners and take care to resource your projects with a customised team to meet your specific needs.

  • Approximately €200M inventory on hand
  • Over 3,000 unique product lines purchased each month from more than 230 approved suppliers
  • Unparalleled access to “out of market” buying capability and power
  • Direct to manufacturer sourcing relationships
  • Technology enabled sustainable supply chain

Our long standing strategy is to remain focused on what we do best. Our team combine years of experience on the delivery of products for clinical trials along with a diverse range of prior experience in parallel industries and extensive clinical research activities. Our policy is to make our experience available to you and engage early in your drug development and study planning cycle. Early engagement allows us to share the benefit of the varied experience across our team and to ensure that clinical supplies stay off the critical path for bringing your product to market.

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Reducing Risk, Simplifying Supply, Elevating Care