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Emmaus Life Sciences has appointed Durbin as distribution partner for Sickle Cell MAP
26 May 2016: A new Managed Access Program (MAP) for the treatment of sickle cell disease has been announced for Emmaus Life Sciences’ pharmaceutical grade L-glutamine treatment (PGLG). The announcement follows a recognition that PGLG will be required on a Named Patient or Early Access Basis, says Yutaka Niihara, Chairman of Emmaus.
Yutaka says: “Initial feedback from haematologists and the sickle cell disease community indicated that there would be patients requesting PGLG on a Named Patient or Early Access basis. We needed to appoint a company that would be able to manage the warehousing and supply chain of our products, and meet the needs of the sickle cell disease community. We believe Durbin to be an excellent choice.”
Emmaus has appointed Durbin, one of the world’s leading specialist medical suppliers and distributors of pharmaceuticals, to coordinate the supply of its PGLG treatment, through its specialist MAP, which enables patients with a physician-assessed clinical need to receive the treatment before it is commercially available.
Yukata continues: “Our collaboration with Durbin will strengthen our logistical setup and improve our ability to answer the needs of the sickle cell disease community for PGLG.”
Durbin has over 20 years’ experience in Named Patient and Early Access programmes, working with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to distribute products on a global scale.
Leslie Morgan, CEO of Durbin, adds: “PGLG will be used to treat a group of severely ill people, with limited treatment options. Durbin is thrilled to be working with Emmaus to support the sickle cell disease community, and provide better patient care in this area. A project of this scale requires a specialist global distributor with regulatory experience, and our previous work, along with patient focus, positions us well for our partnership with Emmaus.”