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With the Multitude of Benefits that ePRO Provides, Why are Clinical Trials Still Using Paper?

Essential Tips for Making the Switch
The electronic capture of patient-reported outcomes (PROs)
and clinical outcome assessments (COAs) has proven to be a
valuable method for the collection of data, far outweighing the
data quality of those collected via paper. In their article, Elisa
Holzbaur (BS) and Jennifer Ross (MS, M.Phil.Ed) at Almac
Group ask this overarching question: why are not all clinical
trials that include PROs / COAs using electronic data collection
to optimise the integrity of the data and patient experience?
To uncover the answer, it is necessary to explore the reasons
for the continued use of the collection of PRO and COA data
via paper, look at the advantages of electronically captured
PRO / COA data, and examine trends of the general population
in the shift towards electronic devices.….pdf