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Medicalchain to present to Mayo Clinic

Robert Miller to talk about blockchain, healthcare, and ICOs.

Robert Miller, Director of Business Development at Medicalchain, will be presenting to Mayo Clinic on Monday February 12th 2018. Discussing Bitcoin and Initial Coin Offerings, Robert will be sharing his framework for how to apply blockchain technology to healthcare and exploring several practical use cases. He will be giving an educational presentation at Mayo Clinic’s Rochester campus (Department of Business Development) which will be live streamed to multiple Mayo Clinic campuses around the nation and distributed internally.

Medicalchain is a decentralised platform that enables secure and transparent exchange and usage of health records. Utilising blockchain technology, Medicalchain creates a single true version of an individual’s electronic health record, ensuring the right data is available to the right professional at the right time. By leveraging Medicalchain’s technology, patients will be empowered to share their health records with health professionals on a case by case basis. Interactions with a patient’s health record are stored as transactions on Medicalchain’s blockchain.

Robert Miller was one of the first employees at Medicalchain and has been instrumental in every stage of the platform’s development. Having helped implement a blockchain solution, he has a unique perspective on the value of blockchain in healthcare.

Medicalchain is seeking to build a thriving ecosystem of applications and services on top of its blockchain. These applications and services will use Medicalchain’s blockchain and be powered by users’ health data. Medicalchain is developing two of these applications: a telemedicine consultation and a health data marketplace. Using Medicalchain’s telemedicine application, patients and doctors will communicate using mobile, tablet, or desktop video conferencing. Patients will also have the ability to share their full health record with the doctor during their consultation. With the health data marketplace, patients will be enabled to commercialise their health record by leasing it to researchers in return for Medicalchain’s cryptocurrency. What’s more, Medicalchain is inviting third party developers to build their applications on its platform.