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First Hospital, Tbilisi, expands Clinerion’s global network of hospitals into Georgia.

First Hospital, Tbilisi, becomes the first hospital in Georgia to join Clinerion’s global network of hospitals.
First Hospital, Tbilisi, is considered one of the best sites in Georgia by contract research organizations (CROs) running clinical trials due to the quantity of screened patients. The hospital serves the Tbilisi area (population: 1.2 M) and has 100 beds. It works in emergency medicine, critical care, general surgery, gynecology, traumatology, orthopedics, cardiology, anesthesiology, neurology, colon and rectal surgery, angiology, internal medicine, neurosurgery, transfusiology, and neonatology, with a specialization in intensive care, incl. for clinical trials.
Becoming a partner in Clinerion’s global network of hospitals, First Hospital gains access to leading edge medical interventions for its patients and clinicians. International pharmaceutical companies use Clinerion’s real world data solutions to match in-development treatments with real patient populations along the entire drug development workflow, from trial protocol design optimization, to site feasibility assessment, to site selection, to the search and identification of patients eligible for enrolment in clinical trials.
Clinerion’s network of partner hospitals expands significantly again with First Hospital. Clinerion’s clients – pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations – now have the possibility to assess possible trial populations in Georgia for inclusion in their trials.
“First Hospital has assembled a team of experienced, professional, motivated doctors. Some of the members of our team are internationally recognized, such as our Clinical Director Zaza Metreveli, who has been awarded a WHO prize for research in health promotion for his special contribution to medicine,” says David Oshkhereli, Director of First Hospital.
I am very happy that Clinerion is now able to expand its services now into the Caucasus region,” says Ian Rentsch, CEO of Clinerion. “I am equally happy in the trust that First Hospital has placed in the benefits Clinerion can bring to its standing in the global community of hospital care. We will support each other as partners in the truest sense.”