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Exco InTouch granted US patent for its ground-breaking mobile health solutions

1 November 2016 – Exco InTouch, the leading provider of digital patient engagement and data capture solutions for clinical research and healthcare providers, today announced that it has been granted a US patent corresponding to its mobile health solutions, including methods for providing condition-specific adaptive content and health support for patients, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry.
Exco InTouch is the established leader in its field and has driven innovation in the clinical trial industry through pioneering the use of mobile technology for patient engagement and data capture. Post the proven success of its platforms in clinical trials, the strategic decision was taken to bring the benefits of its technology to patients in healthcare settings through the development of mobile health programs. The granting of its US patent will further accelerate Exco InTouch’s leadership in this market.
Tim Davis, CEO of Exco InTouch, commented, “We are delighted to have been granted this patent and look forward to continuing to bring the benefits of our ground-breaking digital health solutions to patients and key stakeholders in the healthcare community.”
He continued, “We are committed to shaping this market through innovation in advanced mobile and digital technology. As a consequence, we are pleased to have taken a lead in developing platforms which serve individual patient needs and specific therapy fields, and which connect all the key healthcare stakeholders together – achieving the primary goals of enhancing the patient experience and enabling them to better control their conditions.”
At its core Exco InTouch’s mobile health technology brings distinct advantages to the market. Most crucially it provides adaptable solutions that can be tailored to any therapeutic area, incorporating the most appropriate tools – such as education, alerts, goals, progress tracking and patient monitoring – through role-based access and reporting, selected for each individual program. This is in stark contrast to generic health support platforms that provide access to a wealth of general information that is not tailored to the individual reader.
The company’s digital health platforms are designed to enable healthcare providers to make more informed decisions – tailoring care pathways and solutions to each individual patient, supporting long-term condition management and driving better healthcare outcomes.
Exco InTouch’s modular approach to building digital health solutions, enables configuration and delivery of disease management programs that can support all stakeholders in the care pathway – patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, providers and payers.
The latest example of Exco InTouch’s mobile health platforms is Target My Hives, a digital healthcare network available on both Android and iOS. This has established the first ever chronic urticaria digital health community that brings together patients, physicians, advocacy groups and support networks. The online network enables wider communication between patients and the sharing of experiences – breaking down their sense of isolation and providing help.
This latest community was built from a history of ground-breaking programs for the pharmaceutical industry including Me&MyCOPD which pioneered the concept of ‘beyond the pill’. This collaboration with AstraZeneca was developed to help patients manage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to track and better manage their conditions, use their medical devices, organize their clinic visits efficiently and view information on how to deal with different lifestyle issues.