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Europital launches its new website

Gent, Belgium: April 27th, 2016 –Europital has officially launched its new website “ “, a new and completely renovated concept to improve users experience, simplify navigation and  facilitate visitors’ ability to access company’s relevant information.
The new website has been created to provide a dynamic medium where visitors can learn about Europital under a more intuitive environment, including its division, The Medical Consultancy, and its recently launched product, PenThu®.
Europital integrated on the new website its social media platforms so visitors will be able to regularly follow the activity of the company, along with using these channels as possible contact tools. Improved visibility, smooth interaction and easy communication were the three key objectives for this new implementation.
Apart from the classical platforms, such as Twitter, there are also self-developed ones that share and promote news related to the company:  a new contact form for visitors to subscribe for the trimestral newsletter, a blogging platform with the latest news and a video section with original content.
Considered a step forward to support clients and visitors, the new website is designed to give straight access to relevant information and smooth way to contact Europital experts and professionals.
About Europital
Europital is an international organization dedicated to Medical Management and Scientific Research. We provide our expertise in a flexible end-to-end model tailored for the business needs of our clients in the Pharmaceutical industry and Healthcare sector. Via our niche services and creative solutions, we support private companies and governmental institutes in achieving and maintaining high-quality and efficient work standards.
Europital BVBA
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9000 Ghent, Belgium
Tel: +32 9 331 60 30
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