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ERT Recognized for Excellence in Patient Centricity

ERT, a global data and technology company that minimizes uncertainty and risk in clinical trials, today announced it has been recognized with a CPhI Pharma Award for Excellence in Patient Centricity. The award is for TARGET My Hives, a patient community app from ERT that enables access to an online network of resources and health professionals for patients with chronic urticaria (hives). The innovative solution enables patients to support each other, helping them to actively take control of their condition.
“The annual CPhI Pharma Awards celebrates thinkers and creators who are breaking new ground in the pharmaceutical industry,” said Tara Dougal, Acting Head of Content – Pharma at UBM EMEA “We’re pleased to recognize ERT with the Excellence in Patient Centricity Award for its commitment to delivering patient-focused innovations that drive the industry forward.”
TARGET My Hives offers comprehensive support for the 74 million patients currently affected by chronic urticaria, including patients, parents and caregivers. Through this inclusive approach and the global patient community it creates among physicians, patient association groups and others, TARGET My Hives allows patients to learn from others like them how to manage their disease, set goals for themselves and share their results with each other.
“We’re honored to be recognized for creating this vital support network for chronic urticaria patients,” said Tim Davis, Vice President, Digital Patient, ERT. “Previously, patients were typically left alone to cope with the condition. By enabling patients to use their own mobile devices to motivate and support each other, the community reduces their sense of isolation and enables them to take control of their condition, which we hope will ultimately result in improved health outcomes.”