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Emotional Brain’s FSIAD Products Lybrido and Lybridos show High Efficacy and Safety in Phase 2B Trials

Emotional Brain is pleased to announce the publication of positive phase 2B results in the authoritative Journal of Sexual Medicine. Lybrido and Lybridos were successfully tested in 497 women with Female Sexual Interest and Arousal Disorder (FSIAD) in a multicenter US-based phase 2b trial.
The on-demand oral treatment showed significant efficacy in sexual satisfaction improvement in FSIAD women. A personalized medicine approach was used, based on individual differences in causal mechanisms involved in low sexual interest and arousal.
An effective treatment for women suffering from FSIAD is a current unmet medical need. Emotional Brain developed the on-demand solutions Lybrido and Lybridos for two specific FSIAD subtypes. Lybrido is designed for women with FSIAD as a result of a relative insensitive brain system for sexual stimuli. Lybridos is specifically designed for women with FSIAD as a result of an overactive sexual inhibition system in the brain. The results show significant increases in the primary endpoint for Lybrido, i.e. the change in satisfactory sexual events (SSE) from baseline, as compared to placebo and monotherapy. Lybridos also significantly outperformed placebo and monotherapy on the primary endpoint.
The results show that Lybrido and Lybridos are currently the most effective pharmacological treatments for FSIAD. Besides, a beneficial safety profile was observed, with very few side effects, including no interaction with alcohol intake. The Lybrido and Lybridos tablets are not only proven to be effective and safe, but the on-demand oral administration method is preferred by women, as compared to required chronic administration or alternative injectable options, as was clearly shown in a recent market research study.