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Clinical placebo study confirms medical evidence for the Antinitus patch as a treatment method for tinnitus

The results of a recent clinical placebo study indicates significant and statistically assured positive effects of the Antinitus patch for reducing discomfort from tinnitus.
As part of Sensori’s clinical development programme, a major randomised and placebo-controlled study of Antinitus was conducted in 2016/2017 by physicians at Sickla Ear, Nose, and Throat Centre in Stockholm as well as at the City Hospital in Gothenburg. The purpose was to compare the clinical effect of Antinitus with placebo. 82 patients participated in the study. The treatment period was three weeks with a follow-up four weeks after completion of the treatment.
The result for the group treated with Antinitus was significantly better than for the placebo group. The difference is statistically assured. The study also establishes that Antinitus is a safe method without the risk of serious complications or adverse effects. The results are now being compiled and will be published later in 2017.
“The new clinical study results in increased medical evidence for Antinitus. It also supports previously conducted clinical studies and indicates statistically assured significance compared to the placebo. The study is a milestone for us at Sensori and a result of many years of major investments in research and clinical development. We look forward to publishing the results in full shortly”, says Torbjörn Kemper, CEO of Sensori AB.
Antinitus is a medical device for the relief of tinnitus. The product is registered and approved in major markets such as Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland, and Hong Kong.
“The result of the study opens up to a number of commercial opportunities for Antinitus, such as new international distribution and partner agreements. The demand for effective forms of treatment is enormous. 10–15 percent of the world’s population suffers from tinnitus and the market potential for our patch is approximately 560 million people. Ease of use in combination with the absence of adverse effects and other risks make Antinitus very suitable for the OTC market”, says Tommy Rönngren, founder and Chairman of Sensori AB.