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Australia NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre Partners with Medidata to Digitize Cancer Research

Medidata (NASDAQ: MDSO) announced that the National Health and Medical Research Council Clinical Trial Centre (NHMRC CTC), University of Sydney, will now use Medidata’s unified platform and analytics for all major new studies starting in 2018.
The agreement will result in the NHMRC Clinical Trial Centre consolidating multiple electronic data capture (EDC) solutions to the Medidata eClinical platform. This includes the use of Medidata Rave eCOA/ePRO and Medidata Rave EDC, which enable the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre to manage and ingest the widest array of clinical trial data, with the potential to include sensors, mobile apps, genomics and RWE (Real World Evidence). NHMRC Clinical Trial Centre will also improve data quality and risk reduction in randomization and trial supply management with a single source of data from Medidata Rave RTSM. These solutions allow streamlined collaboration for researchers across sites and simplify how patients involved in the trials can report their data.
The NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre has earned an outstanding reputation for contributing to major advances in clinical care via their high-quality, collaborative clinical trials research. NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre trials focus on investigating anti-cancer treatments, novel therapeutics for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and driving new standards of care in perinatal disease. According to Professor John Simes, director of NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, the agreement will help simplify, improve and accelerate their clinical trials.
“Clinical trials underpin discoveries that lead to medical breakthroughs and help determine best medical practice. The NHMRC Clinical Trial Centre enjoys a leading role in these areas,” said Professor Simes. “We’re excited about how this new relationship will help our study teams reduce trial planning and implementation efforts and consolidate costs. With a single, unified eClinical platform, we can streamline our research to realise better health practice through innovative clinical trials.”
Edwin Ng, vice president of field operations, APeJ from Medidata, said, “we’re delighted to be partnering with one of the leading clinical research organizations in Australia. This deal is another fundamental step in further supporting Australian researchers and their patients. Medidata’s unrivalled expertise in oncology clinical trials is empowering leading research pioneers globally, such as the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre. I’m excited to see how it fosters further innovation and efficiency for clinical studies in Australia.”