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Arran Chemical Company Completes First Phase of its Three Part Strategic Plan “ADAPT” Multimillion Euro Expansion of Manufacturing Capacity and Growth of Next Generation Production Technology Portfolio

Irish based Arran Chemical Company has responded to client demand for provision of fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and advanced building blocks by implementation of its ADAPT (Arran Deploys Advanced Production Technologies) strategy through a multi-million Euro investment and application of its selectAZyme™ technology.
Following acquisition by the Almac Group in November 2015, Arran has completed the first phase of a sustained programme of investment.  Arran specialises in the manufacture of products for the pharmaceutical, flavour/fragrance, personal care and other specialised chemical and industrial applications.
To meet predicted production demands, manufacturing plant assets have been upgraded with the installation and qualification of a new 6,300 L glass lined and 2m3 Hastelloy® vessels, bringing the total manufacturing capacity to approximately 50 m3. This has been accompanied by a major refit of the multi-purpose pilot plant in addition to enhancement of the existing refrigeration, warehousing and waste processing facilities. As an established provider of chemistry manufacturing services with over thirty years’ experience, clients with challenging supply chain requirements can continue to depend upon Arran.
Arran is a specialist in the manufacture of chiral compounds and has extensive operating experience a wide range of modern chemocatalysis techniques. However, decision makers within the chemistry industry are increasingly turning to enzyme technology as the tool of choice to lower cost of goods and increase process scalability. To this end, the selectAZyme™ enzyme platform has recently been expanded to include over 4,000 unique enzymes from diverse biological sources. Many of these pertain to entirely new enzymes classes and are ready for deployment at kilogram to tonne scale. Arran partners with its clients in the application of industrial biocatalysis in a production environment to meet efforts to reduce waste, satisfy environmental controls and fulfil green chemistry obligations.
“The deployment of the ADAPT strategy, the recent expansion of core production facilities and the development of next generation manufacturing technologies, sets the pace for future growth.” said Prof Tom Moody, VP Technology Development and Commercialisation, Arran Chemical Company. “As the demand for outsourced procurement of advanced intermediates and building blocks continues to grow, we remain fixated upon meeting our clients’ present and future requirements for uninterrupted supply.”
This announcement comes just months after Almac Sciences completed significant expansion of its existing analytical facilities at its global headquarter site in Northern Ireland. A new, bespoke, MHRA approved laboratory is now fully operational and further enables the company to meet global client demands for analytical services.